“Kill For Kids” start off “Every Weekly”: a brand new I Still Clap Like This… Sorta


I Still clap Like This Productions and RCBI studios are starting to take their job a bit more seriously when it comes to entertaining and constantly bringing in audience. With a couple hits such as “#TopTenLiesMenTellWomen” and Johnny chase, RCBI and I Still Clap Like This have been getting feedback from our fans saying that are waiting and wanting more new video hit videos. And when we looked back on this past Month, We kind of realized, we got mad lazy with producing videos. I mean, can you really blame us? College ain’t no joke. We did a little research (we googled stuff) and realized the best YouTube channels, and the people who have entertainment success off online videos have been uploading videos constantly. They have been updating info on collaborations, behind the scenes videos, and basically keeping updates and contacts with their fans when not releasing their videos. So we figured, since we wanna get paid off this stuff and promote our own projects, we decided that is exactly what we are going to do. We decided to create a couple changes to I Still Clap Like This.

Our first major change is that we are going to start “Every Weekly”. “Obviously smartass, what IS “Every Weekly” is the question!”  is probably what you’re asking. Well, for one, Every Weekly is very bad grammar, but it’s also the event were doing to release a new video every Friday starting, or well it started March 30th.  This forces us to release a video every week, regardless of where we are. It’s like our homework, expect you know, we might get paid for it someday. This will help us promote ourselves as actors, directors and Entertainers as a whole. Plus think about this way; we are like a TV series. And if a TV series doesn’t constantly show new episodes at least every week, you would probably give up on it right? Exactly, and we are trying to let that happen.

Another thing we’re doing is making collaborations. We already have several plans for collaborations to occur over the next few months. We already planned to collaborate with Rapper Sophisticated on a funny rap video. Check him out! We also are planning to bring back old former actor Robert Ramey (Guardian Angel) and bring Henry Garcia to the mix. And we also are working on a long term project known as “Time of the Month” which is taking a lot longer than expected.

Our final Major change will be this blog. For every video, we will try to have a decent blog post for every video giving you some background on creating the new video. The blog itself will also be given an updated look, a look that’s a bit more… engaging. But we’re doing all this to better our fans’ experience with entertainment and to you know, get paid. So Check out the new video that’ll kick it all off, “Kill for Kids” and remember to watch the other videos like “Johnny Chase” in case new episodes of that come soon!


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