“The Hunger Games” unreleased Trailer Comes Out A Week Late

The thing about this week’s video from I Still Clap Like This is that it was a nightmare to make. The Hunger Games trailer parody was actually meant to start off the Every Weekly series last week and was in the works since the week before. And to be honest, it’s not even my best work. I usually aim to get better with every video. But after a while, when a three minute video is taking me three weeks to make, you kind of start to lose interest and dedication to the whole project as I felt like that is what was going on. But I am still going to be proud of everything I do. The main issue with this production was the fact that there was such a large cast that it became hard to handle. That is the thing about directing. As a growing director and producer, I gotta learn to obtain such a big cast and manage to keep their interest in the thing. What I learned is a great motivator is food; they really did this for Pizza. The thing is not everybody is willing to help me make a billion bucks so when I told them there’s something in it for them, with toppings of their choice, well; they got ready a whole lot faster.

I guess what I learned over the time making this video is that I gotta make the most out of my resources while I have them, and make sure they feel comfortable and happy making these videos with me. I mean, I’ll always have my brother and closest friends, but friends who are more distance need more of focus cause they ain’t getting paid to do any of this. And to be honest, I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t gonna get paid. But not only do they do it, they engage in it and contribute to the creation of it. People tell me I’m brilliant when they see my videos. The reason I’m brilliant is not because I created it all on my own, cause I didn’t but because I picked the right people to help me make hits.

As for the parody, I’ll give this one a B minus a B average because I didn’t really push myself as much, just when through with it. I mean, I definitely pushed myself at the end, but that was the end. The next few videos will concentrate on storytelling rather than just footage and music. Also watch out for more Johnny Chase and Top Ten coming soon.


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