College Finals: It’s Been A While…


I Stll Clap like this aplogizes for not putting anything up the past 3 to 4 weeks on the website or on youtube. The thing is we GOT videos but we got kind of busy. “With What?” you ask, well  how bout college finals? College final are probably some of the most annoying, stress causing issues in college. It is like the school was thinking “What?! they had a good time this semester?! Not if I can help it! Give them a complicated test that includes a bunch of random stuff from this semester, and do it for EVERY CLASS!” I don’t I ever put in more work for any assignments in any class any semester when it comes to finals. College finals are probably the most irritating thing period. the main reason is because i forget everything i learn after every test. i study super hard for every test and forget everything the moment i turn in that paper.

College finals are also terrible because they are unhealthy to their students. About 75% of all students loose at least 2- hours studying for finals? and about 53% loose all their sleep completely in a 24 hour period? Can you believe that? Ok, so maybe that’s not accurate but hell that sounds realistic right?! For all the college students out there, they know exactly what i’m talking about. I’m talking about during finals week and even the before (depending on your school) try finding available room to study at night. Go ahead. Better yet, ask what people are trying to do tonight. During finals weeks? it’s gonna be straight studying for them. I mean we TRY to be responsible, we try to plan ahead and prepare for the upcoming final at least a week before but realistically, it never happens unless you lucky. And let me point out if you ARE lucky, it doesnt seem like that at the time. I’m talking about when there’s nothing going on that night so you got nothing better to do then study.  The worst part is that there is not several, oh no; there are about 5-7 (depending on your grade and status) all at once! like they want us to all manage that AND still have a social life. And lets be honest with ourselves, those “Facebook breaks” don’t really help at all. One minute it’s 12 and you’re going on just to update your status to see who’s online, and the next thing you know its 2 am and you still have half a textbook to go! Not to mention you still got that paper to write for another completely different class. I am seriously starting to thing all my college money went to drinking coffee and coke late at night before big test. So we still apologize for not having any video out in the past few weeks but in our defense our teachers all gave us final projects to do. But don’t worry, we on our way back. We got several upcoming projects to release like the second episode of Johnny Chase, The new mocumentary series “Their Life“,  and even The critically acclaimed Black Ops prequel that leads into this summer’s action flick “Black Ops: Covert Affairs”. And that’s just the videos we made BEFORE we changed our sense of direction with the group (which we will explain in upcoming post) So don’t worry, you’ll be fine! And for those who have no idea what the videos i’m talking are, here’s a couple videos to help you catch up. Starting next Friday, we’l be back with more fun, funny and crazy stories! Also check us out on the next competition site and see our videos there!


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