What Made The “Chappelle’s Show”… “Chappelle’s Show”

You know the new show on Comedy Central “Key & Peele”? Pretty funny show. But in the mist of watching the show, you begin to realize, they’re kinda trying too hard. They are so focused on making something funny that they kind loose their appeal and focus. More importantly, it seems like they’re trying to fill the gap left but the one and only Dave Chappelle. “Chappelle’s Show” voted in the top 5 in the I think 50 most memorable tv shows/ characters, was ARGUABLY one of the best comedy shows the Comedy Central network had (you know, excluding the cartoon. But to be honest sometimes i just don’t get South Park). the thing about the show is that it’s funny, but also controversial. Why? The reason is because it took a funny twist on more touchee social issues. It touched up a lot on racism and also social statuses, along with gender issues, relationships, pop culture, and etc. Sure it didn’t always have a important topic for EVERY skit, but many of them did say something. Maybe that’s why it’s so original. See, thanks to Youtube today, we can get skit off the ass anytime we want, or anything really. Hell, the whole point to this blog is to promote my videos (BTW new one this Friday). And hey, a lot of them are pretty funny. That Jenna Marbles chick is make some very funny videos for her brand.  But with all these other options, a lot of Chappelle skits on Youtube still manage to get over a million views.  Maybe because a lot of the videos a lot  of the other videos (excluding several channels, so don’t get mad) don’t relate to social issues as well, or at all. Maybe some don’t have that twisted sense of humor he did. Or maybe cats aren’t as funny as we think they are… no not that. What i’m saying is, his brand/ style has died. Yeah “Key & Peele” are trying to bring it back but they just try a bit to hard i guess. I’m not trash talking them, cause I’ll still watch em, it’s just their not like their predessecor.

So this is what i’m going to do; We still got a couple videos on deck to show for the next few weeks. But after those are released, were gonna started making our videos more original, give you a different reason to see our flicks. What were gonna do is take that concept of using more social issues to convey stories and comedies but at the same time, make it our own style. Were not gonna try be like Dave, we’ll just use our inspiration to be like ourselves. We need to make ourselves our own brand. So coming soon, you gonna start see some changes in our video short, and hopefully their for the better.


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