New “Johnny Chase” Episode promoting Black Action Heroes

Yes, it’s finally here; the new episode of “Johnny Chase”. We are truly sorry about the long delay. See the thing is we actually recorded most of the footage a few days later after the first one. And unfortuantly then, we had a Jazz Camera… the WORST of cameras it looked like night time in the middle of the day. But we still managed to make it work. The film I think is pretty decent as a whole. Why do I personally Johnny chase so much? Well, not only cuz I get to whop ass and it makes me look tough, but it also promotes black action stars. I know i’m still the newbie/ beginners stage of acting, but we gotta promote more minority action stars in movies and TV series. Hancock and agent J (both played by Will Smith) just won’t cut it. I mean, I get that the original green lantern WAS white, but everybody grew up with a black one from the justice league. And name a Latino superhero that’s been in the movies? Come on now, I’m not hating or down white people, I love you guys, but us minorities really gotta get ourselves out there. We can’t settle for another Tyler Perry Movie, but to make the next “indianna Jones” or “terminator ” or what not. That why we’re gonna make more action flicks to bring more minorities to the main screen.


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