Brand New Video on Youtube Tips #1

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A lot of people are trying so hard to get internet superstatus like Twitter famous or youtube famous instead of actually getting a life (lmao jk so are we). Some want to have like millions of followers by just talkin shit or make funny videos and get paid by youtube to make a lot of em. That’s not really our main focus, but I guess youtube fame could help pay the bills.  So we decided to give advice to those in needed based on our “still on rise” experience; with tips about Twitter, facebook and youtube! Sure were not at that point yet, but what we CAN do is let yall know what we learned so far. We can help with each topic.

Also, if you want us to a Social Advice video on a topic that interest YOU just email us at! We’l do our best to answer you and make a fun video on the the topic!

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