The MTV Twilight… er, Movie Awards had a lot of bad jokes… and no black guy

Another year means another MTV twilight awards. I said that right, right? And another sunday night for us to just kick back, and just patiently wait until the football season starts up again. Now, i know i made this blog just to promote my weekly video sketches (which BTW we have a new one tomorrow) but sometimes something happens in pop culture, that we just gotta point out. That’s what we do anyways. So don’t get mad if you don’t agree, got an opinion that’s all.

First off, the jokes were terrible. They were pretty bad. I mean, there were more misses then a 2011’s football game with Quarterback Tim Tebow. You would think these ACTORS would do better, i dunno, ACTING. Look, i’m not really a critic, hell I loved last year’s show. Now THAT was funny. But this year really sucked. I couldn’t tell if it was the presentations or the writting, but that who thing was a disappointment. The best parts really had nothing to do with movies.. well except that Emma Stone tribute (Steve Carrell is too damn funny). The good stuff was really when FUN performed as well as Wiz Khalifa. I mean I didn’t know what was more predictable, the awards or the jokes. (smh at Charlie Sheen, he’s way funnier than that) Twilight and Hunger Games took home most of the awards, and the rest were pretty much taken by anything that had to do with Harry Potter. But the REAL issue, was Wiz.

Not Wiz specifically, but the fact him and the FUN’s co- star were really and pretty much the only black people, and probably minorities to hit the stage that night… and had NOTHING to do with movies! In a matter of fact,  the only African American that TOUCHED the popcorn or the stage and had anything to do with movies was the girl that was handing them out. Really MTV? Really? The only black nominations I was AWARE of that night was the cast of The Help. Now MTV are you really telling me there since the time The Help came out, there was not a SINGLE black actor that deserved even a nomination?! No Think Like A Man? No Fast Five (which had a very well diverse cast)? No Safe House? No Red Tail? Ok, maybe not Red Tail but still, It’s pretty messed up. I don’t even know about other minorities and how much they were involved. I’m not saying MTV’s racist, but that really isn’t cool. come on, you at least have to admit that!

Basically, MTV reminded us that Music channel with no music on the original channel, is a twilight motivated network for only white teens, especially girls, and the dreaded consistent reminder that the season premiere of Teen Wolf was on right after the show… geez. They had that advertisement like, every commercial break! But Don’t forget we got a new weekly sketch video tomorrow and don’t to follow at @ClapLikeThis or @Clever_Comments. Like us on Facebook at 


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