Where The *@^% is #PayAttention and #SocialUpdates?!?

SORRY GUYS! and Girls! we’ve been gones for about two weeks already and we feel awful we left ya’ll without warning. It’s just we had to work on a little re-adjusting, seeing our last three video barely hit 50. So now we gotta get back and work on our quality and more funny skits. We promise to be back by next week. But watch out for our channel just in case we might drop a special video either today or the rest of the week. If yall got any request or even any questions hit us up @istillclaplikethis@gmail.com for answers and more! Go ahead, we’d like to get more email than just spam!  In the meantime, look back at these video from the past few weeks!

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#PayAttention- Worst Pickup Lines

#SocialUpdates- Kanye West and more!

#PayAttention- worst ways to break up


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