#PayAttention Returns TOMORROW!!!!

“WHERE THE FLYING #@$% IS PAY ATTENTION?!? THEY HAVEN’T DROPPED A NEW VIDEO SINCE OCTOBER!!!” Yeaaaaaaaah, about that. We kinda sorta had to take the month off because our memory card broke and we had to get a new one.. We also got caught up on Sam’s new mixtape ” Opinionate” and Joe’s been very distracted with his mixtape ” #FirstTimeForEverything” , three part action event, the big return of a favorite character in 2013 and his premier in a possible digital comic! So look out for that! We planned on releasing an episode titled “Monster under the Bed” to day but one of the cast members fell sick so yeah. We’ll be back with tons of new and LEGIT episodes for you all and even bonus shorts to make up for Lost time. We promise! Tomorrow we got an all new episode titled “Homework” for all you college and high school students out and I like it! so brace yourselves people! we’ll be back tomorrow midday! In the meantime, we’ll keep you all updated on our twitter @ClapLikeThis and @_JoeBoss! and watch our last social updates episode!


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