Happy New Years Everybody!!! Now it’s I STILL CLAP LIKE THIS… NO MORE!!!

This is it. Happy New Years Everybody! Welcome to 2013!!! Year One Of the post apocalypse!! And we’re we are start the new year off with the end! yes, It’s I STILL CLAP LIKE THIS… NO MORE!!!


Now, this is what’s going to happen; I Still Clap Like this has a great back story to it’s name, but the name itself is too much; We needed something more relatable and more fun. Something cool and at the same time easy off the tougue, which is why this year ISCLT is going to change their names to #TGP, which stands for “Tryna Get Paid” productions! Our Channel will still be the same (Subcribe!) But under a different Name, as well as our blog. We plan on uploading a new Facebook page and changing our twitter name to @_TrynaGetPaid ( Follow Us). And Starting January 16th, Pay Attention Season 2 will begins with hilarious stories from illumati, loving a side chick, and a good cop bad cop scene. An All new channel is about to blow up in your face, get used to it 😉

The official #TGP logo



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