Happy Birthday! #TopTen videos from TGP starring Joe Rene!!!

One of our cast members, lead directors, and lead writer JOE RENE, had a birthday yesterday! And to celebrate we posted Joe #TopTen videos released from TGP and ISCLT! Check Em out! Subscribe, and let us know which video YOU think should be number one!

#10: Angry Telephone Operator

Joe shines in this hilarious skit where he confronts an unlikely foe:

Every time we call on the phone and end up with a Telephone operator, a little part of us dies inside. So you can’t tell me every once in a while you yell or get mad at the machine. But, just what if, they understood what we were saying? or better yet, had an anger response system?

#9: Playground Games

Joe finds himself in a 3 way war that has been going on since his childhood!

Remember those games you played as a kid at the park? Well this week we look at would it would look like if those adventures were portrayed in modern days. What if we still had our old imagination?

#8: The Apology

His newest skit, already a hit, his scholarship submitted skit is already a hit showing Joe’s more emotional side.. to a point.

How To properly apologize to your significant other…
you know that special person? That person you just cannot seem to do anything without? A Girlfriend of boyfriend maybe? Yeah, them! Now, imagine you messed up.. BIG TIME. perhaps you ran off and started fucking around with these side bitches and side hoes. Who knows! But now, you in the dog house, and on the verge of a breakup if not already. What do you do then? I mean it’s pretty obvious you gotta apologize, but how??? what exactly do you say..

#7: Johnny Chase: Rescue

Joe returns as his most favorite character, the fun action hero “Johnny Chase” as he goes off to protect a young journalist

When a Young Journalist hires a mysterious individual to retrieve highly secure files (JC: Escape), He ends up getting caught in the crossfire, leaving her mysterious man for hire to rescue her and take down the enemy! Like, Comment and Subscribe for more Johnny Chase Action scenes!

#6: Signs He’s Cheating on you 

Feed up with the heartbreak tweets on his tilmeline, Joe and the gang took to youtube and help women catch their man cheating before they are too late.

A lot of men just aren’t loyal. And it leaves women heartbroken and then post “I’ll never love again”- google lookup type  tweets all over your timeline. So in order for them to avoid getting heartbroken again, we’ll show em the signs a men gives when he cheats!

#5: Doing Homework

Parent kept telling us to do our homework, but do they really remember the struggle it is to actually do it. Joe shows doing his homework from HIS point of view.

For once in our lives, we actually tried to do homework on time… turned out a bit different than we expected….

#4: Top Ten Lies Men Tell Women

TGP’s top viewed video, where Joe shines giving insight in the lies men give

A fair warning to women about the known lies men tell you. a little advice for your benefit, dont worry, its cool if u believed them.

#3: Guardian Angel

Joe’s first unreleased feature film that he directed and wrote, Joe co-stars as the hilarious and at times rude Guardian along common collaborator Rob Ramey. While the film was never released, Joe did release two trailers 3 clips and a 6 minute preview.

#2: Kill For Kids

Joe shines brightest in this dark skit with a hilarious ending. Playing off against Vaughn Tucker, Joe shows he’s capable of show a bit of a darker side.

What would you do for kids? Not Just any kids, special kids? Check out the new I Still Clap Like This video launching the new Every Weekly series where we answer that question with a twist!

#1: Johnny Chase: Escape

The action series that started a pontential franchise, JC is Joe’s favorite character and type of skit to do. The action were said to be incredibly imusing, Joe admit to not sleep all night to finish editing the video.

he premier of the new action series “the adventures of Johnny Chase”  starring Joe Rene. The series revolves around a man for hire named Johnny Chase in which all his adventures connect. So be sure to never miss a single episode!!!

What do YOU think should be number 1 and what is your favorite video starring Joe! Let us klnow what YOU think and comment below! Follow him on twitter @_JoeBoss to wish him a happy birthday and more hilarious video and updates.


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