Girls Ask TGP and Passenger Driving!!! Two New TGP skits!

We’ve been off the radar on with our TGP blogging and for that we apologize! But for who’ve SUBSCRIBED TO TGP on our YouTube page, you would have know by now that TGP released two new TGP skits in that last two weeks, with one becoming a certain hit! The first one is the 3 Strikes to Passenger driving and getting a ride, featuring our new cast  member Frenel!!! The second is TGP answering real questions poses by girls about their true confusion about guys, men and what goes on in our heads! Check out the two new skit and Subscribe so you can always be up to date with the latest TGP skits, videos, and updates.

Why do guys cheat on the pretty good girls?
Why do guys have side chicks?
Do guys mean it when we say I love you?
Why do guys act like their in relationships when their not in one?
Why do guys need to be strong all the time?

Girls Ask TGP: Episode 1
Girls don’t understand guys. We are two completely different creatures. But instead of asking women magazines and Oprah, girls have turned to TGP to answer some their most confusion about men!Real Questions like this and more are answers in the most hilarious and honestly unbeneficial way possible!

You got questions? Let us know in comments and subcribe to our channel and let us know what YOU think?


What are YOUR 3 strikes before kicking someone out your car? Let Us Know!
New Comedy skit!
If you are lucky enough to have a friend who can drive, get it through your skull. PLEASE don’t be a passenger driver! HE IS NOT YOUR CHAUFFEUR! He is not a taxi driver either! So there are certain RULES you should follow unless your ass wants to WALK home! And if you’re the friend that’s drving what are YOUR 3 Strikes for kicking someone out!

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