New TGP Sketch! Ask a Haitian!!!

Ok TGP is well aware many of our fans are not haitian and even fewer are even haitian… but screw it. This week’s skit contains a very specific niche. HOWEVER if you familiar with Jamaicans, or funny foreigners in general, you should be fine. After the launch of our new hit series (which if you have not seen yet, i recommend you get up to date fast as hell… like now! Go subscribe and watch it!) One of a women’s questions actually stumped us so we went ahead and tried to get our good friend friend “Jean Jacques Jean-Claude” to answer. Doing we realized… that was not the most brightest move we have made. But check it, it made a funny as hell video. So check it out, the all new TGP skit “Ask a Haitian”! and let us know what you think!!! Subscribe to you can know the next time we answer some questions Ladies have asked about guys!!!


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