Don’t Ask Oprah! Ask Us Guys!

I don’t get it.. women i mean. And it makes complete sense that women dont understand a single think about guys. Were extremely simple while women feel the need to double check everything. But what i dont understand is that when women want to figure men out, they for some odd reason turn to WOMEN! HUH?! And were not talking about women who’ve managed to get themselves a Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington, we’re talkin stinkin Oprah! Women magazines and etc. Thats like guys turning to a guy like donald trump to advice on women… or ANYTHING REALLY! (He was born rich so screw the money questions)

Look if you are looking to confide in women about guys you it ALL wrong and are probably still single (unless youre watching Girl Code, now thats the show). Thats why you should just confied in US! Confied in TGP! We are are HERE FOR YOU! Like this all new episode of “Girls Ask TGP” we we answer REAL questions that youve asked US in the most humorous way possible! Watch! Take notes! Like! Subscribe! And GIVE US YOUR QUESTIONS! We need YOUR questions! We want to help YOU understand the twisted mindset of a dude while making you laugh at the same time! Watch the all new episode and let us know what you think! RT it! Share it! Let the world know that TGP is trying to help!


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