New X-MEN: Days of Future Past Trailer! Now Things Are Getting Real!


Ever since Marvel dropped the freakin’ Avengers on our butts, movie studios have been trying to get their crap together and rack in their own superhero movie franchises. In a way that’s awesome for the comic book fans because now studios are taking their superhero and its source material more seriously. On the other hand, studios are rushing their ass off to rack in some of the big bucks, like the Batman Vs Superman Vs Wonder Woman Vs Dwayne The Lantern Johnson Vs Robin Vs Justice League Vs Whatever else we could stuff in the 2 hour movie. (Honestly I’ma see regardless.. it’s BATMAN VS SUPERMAN) And one of those prime examples is the new movie X-MEN: Days Of Future Past based on one of the coolest story lines in the same comic series. This movie really needs to succeed to kinda reestablish X-MEN’s comic book movie power, even though first class and the Wolverine were awesome. Check out the new trailer and what it might look like coming this may. Personally i’m freakin’ stoked and pumped for this team up movie with both X-men teams!

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