On a College Budget EP is Finally Here!

Yesterday, TGPTV came back from its long hiatus and announced it is changing its brand and will now be called “New Vibes Productions” and “New Vibes TV”. In celebration of

the return and new announcement, head honcho JoeBoss has decided to release is long awaited EP “On a College Budget EP”. OCBEP is a reflective look at a struggling life of a college student and the work, fun and woman he runs into. The tape comes with an official breakdown, track by track, why they are in the order they’re in, and what each song means to the artist in context of the EP. Listen to long overdue “On a College budget EP”  below as well as the descriptions and let us know what you think of the 7- track project. Was it worth the wait? Is it bump in the whip worthy? Let us know what you think!

“The latest JoeBoss effort is a EP project 3 years in the making, patiently choosing which songs will work and which songs to save for later, “On a College Budget EP” or OCPEP is the culmination of an entire school year in school. It is the voices in a students head who’s trying to make the most of his time in and out of the classroom. The bars, while flaunting, are a reflective tone of one’s subconscious, vulnerability, hopes and fears. With each track serving a different voice and purpose.
Proving Yourself is boastful entrance attempting to be louder and different from the rest by being real. Showing off their confidence while still hearing the scary voices in the back of his head.

Best of Me changes automatically to be more reflective and self aware of one’s problems and pains to show while one is confident in proving themselves, they are still very flawed. The off-pitch singing helps showcase the flaws and vulnerability of the individual.

Underrated continues the self reflective path but expand its sights on the problems surrounding one’s self and the need to prove that he is better than what those problems expect him to to be.

Get it Poppin’ is transition back to confidence and more importantly, seduction. Using clever lines and comparisons to stand out for her. Attempting to draw her to him and into his dorm even though the vocals show he is not perfect.

A little Bit is the aftermath of her coming over after several occasions and it becomes more than a hookup. conflicted with the problems she brings to the table as well as the problems he already has when it comes to relationships at his age and is essentially living in denial, conflicted about the feelings he clearly has.

Held Back is a desperate attempt to gain his confidence by dropping clever bars and bounce back from the damage she inflicted. as he attempts to boost himself he takes note of the issues surrounding him again and refuses to let them hold him back.

Higher Learning is a return to confidence but this time the difference is he feels like he earned and truly goes back to focusing on school and the social life he has acquired at this institution. It serves as the outro reminder others that he is too good to be back soon.

In the end, the school year pushed him, help him grown and created an experience unlike any other. Which why he will be back next year.

Special thanks to Alden from GBC, Kwanti, Marisa Santos, Brandon, God, and TGPTV.”


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