Who To Know


Head of New Vibes:

joe rene black and white

Joe Rene A.K.A. JoeBoss
(Screenwriter/ Director/ Producer/
Editor/Actor/ Artist/ Host)

Joseph “Joe” Rene AKA JoeBoss (@_JoeBoss) is the founder, creator and CEO of New Vibes Productions and oversees all of their projects. The young entertainer is never one to not be busy, being involved in every phase of his productions, whether through editing, producing or acting in them.

  • When hiring New Vibes for production work, he is the one to oversee your project.
  • Currently the Host of YouTube series “Sincerely, JoeBoss” on NewVibesTV
  • Always looking to collaborate with new and ambitious up an combers
  • Currently the head writer for most New Vibes film projects.