‘DEAR F*CKBOYS’ Is The New Hit Video From NewVibesTV! Check it out now!!!


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Now that Valentine’s is over, let’s talk about F*ckBoys!
New Vibes drops a brand new video today showing love to all the asshole guys out there and calling them out on their shit!

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New Vibes is not only a entertainment company, we also developing a freelance department to create film projects for the most qualified clients. We provide high quality production for our clients and blend our own style to whatever they need and bring the up most satisfaction. Currently, we are setting up shop and plan to take work in the D.C. Maryland and Virginia metropolitan area and plan to branch out even further.

For future booking and freelance work, please check ‘Contact Us’ for details.

Production work for hire is coming soon!

On a College Budget EP is Finally Here!

Yesterday, TGPTV came back from its long hiatus and announced it is changing its brand and will now be called “New Vibes Productions” and “New Vibes TV”. In celebration of

the return and new announcement, head honcho JoeBoss has decided to release is long awaited EP “On a College Budget EP”. OCBEP is a reflective look at a struggling life of a college student and the work, fun and woman he runs into. The tape comes with an official breakdown, track by track, why they are in the order they’re in, and what each song means to the artist in context of the EP. Listen to long overdue “On a College budget EP”  below as well as the descriptions and let us know what you think of the 7- track project. Was it worth the wait? Is it bump in the whip worthy? Let us know what you think!

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The Requirements- New JoeBoss TGPTV single

JoeBoss decides to let one loose for the people in anticipation for his premiere EP “On a College Budget EP”. the song is an ode to organizing a party and kickbacks and Continue reading “The Requirements- New JoeBoss TGPTV single”

All New TGP Channel! Get Hip!!

The second official trailer to TrynaGetPaidTv has just just dropped giving non TGP fans a good look at what this channel has to offer!


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Top 10 Signs She’s The Side Chick! New Top 10 this week!

Yesterday TGP just finished recording an all new TGP top 10 to be release in a couple of days. In the meantime while we wait, check out the hit video from TGP “Top 10 signs she’s the sidechick” Like it, comment and let us know what you think!!


SUMMER DOs and DONTs!! TGP returns!

Well, TGP has been putting in a little bit of work lately. Yesterday, Joeboss released his highly anticipated mixtape yesterday and as a memorial day present. In addition to that however, TGP has also announced their return with an all new #SocialUpdates on the dos and donts of summer so we don’t mess it up like last year. Check out the hilarious new video right here and let us know what you think!