Dear Ex! New Episode of Sincerely JoeBoss!!

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Get Over Your Ex.. Part 2!!!

It’s over, you’re through! Finished with each other! And yet, you just can’t seem to get over them! That’s where TGP comes in! We’re back again with a brand new TGP skit! The social commentary series “#SocialUpdates” is back with more guide and advice to stay up to date on the now! Now with a brand new skit continuing its focus on help you get over your Ex! If Part 1 wasn’t enough we got a brand skit making sure you know when your crossing the line and your job at being the ex just isn’t working out! Check it out here!!!

New #TGP #SocialUpdates Blog! Being an Ex!!!

Some of us just can’t seem to get over our Ex, so to start off Season 2 of the hit series #SocialUpdates with Joe Rene, We are giving some advice of how the be and get over your EX! (Part 1)
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How To Get Over And Be An EX (Part 1)- #SocialUpdates returns with a NEW TGP skit!

Well, as the skit says, we are all SOMEBODY’s Ex. However some of us handle that better than others. So to teach the… wild ones how to stay in their lane, TGP has put together an instructional video for them. Which happens to be the season premier of #SocialUpdates Season2!!! Where Joe Rene will branch out from just talking trash about celebrities and tackle issues that effect your every day social life!!! Check out the hilarious new skit right here!!!

#PayAttention- The Worst Ways To Break Up

When it’s time to call it, quits, there are certain things you should avoiding telling your former significant other. Don’t say anything too insensitive and DO NOT use these methods! This is an all new episode of Pay Attention!
Season 1, episode 4.


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Signs that your Man is cheating on you!

We’re Back people! our bad for not saying a word for almost two weeks! kinda got lost in the love of summer! But we came back strong with a funny new informal video to help our ever loving and supportive ladies out there! Don’t Forget to Like,Comment, and Subscribe!

A lot of men just aren’t loyal. And it leaves women heartbroken and then post “I’ll never love again”- google lookup type tweets all over your timeline. So in order for them to avoid getting heartbroken again, we’ll show em the signs a men gives when he cheats! If you know more signs let us know! New Video Every Tuesday! Like Comment and Subscribe!
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