Happy Memorial Day! #FirstTimeForEverything is finally here!!!

Happy Memerioal day to everyone from TGP!  To celebrate, artist Joeboss surprisingly drops his long awaited anticipated mixtape #FirstTimeForEverything on the holiday. The 13 track set includes a 5am in Toronto freestyle and the next possible hit “She Can Get It” The mixtape also features support and verses from Kwanti, Hoboy, Loheem and Joeboss’s own producer, Aleckazam. Check it out now!!!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Get them the right present!

Happy Vday from TGP! On top of #TGPoetry, this year, if you have a special someone, make sure you get them the right present! Don’t freaking screw it up and get a freakin giftcard man! Watch the hit TGP video to understand! and subscribe to TGP’s channel for more hilarious videos!!

Got a Bad Present This Year?

“Got the worst present. Motherf*ckers never loved us!”

TGP has now made it possible for people to learn exactly what is a good and bad present with our new hilarious skit, “Bad Presents” starring Joe and Sam Rene. Check it out and let us know in the comments what was the worst present YOU ever gotten? Like our facebook page as well for all new updates and more.


And stay tuned for the all new Johnny Chase Action movie “Johnny Chase: Closure”!!

Paranormal Activity’s newest clip “ParanoidNigga Activity!”

if you think the people in the newest Paranormal activity 4 movie we’re scared (even though you were probably not) try being a black guy in a horror movie! We’d be scared outta our minds!!!

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