Dear Texting- New ‘Sincerely JoeBoss’ Video

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New Vibes drops a new open letter to texting and everyone that sucks at it! We address everyone from the idiots who can’t type out full words to the light skin population! Everyone catches an L today!

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On Rotation: Kendrick Lamar, 6LACK, and Kanye West.

New Vibes is starting to brand new weekly segment called “On Rotation”. Here we list three songs that have been on rotation throughout the week; One new song, one throwback and one personal favorite.

NEW: Kendrick Lamar – DNA

DAMN! is easily a dope album. So energetic and complex and DNA really sets that tone. The first actual song on the album is a straight banger with hella bars that impress me the more I listen.


Man oh man is 6LACK (pronounced Black) is on the come up. I first heard him back in January and I gotta say, his songs have been on rotation ever since. “PRBLMS” isn’t even my favorite song from him, or that album, but after watching is live performance of the track on UP NEXT by APPLE MUSIC, I had to go back and listen. Both the song and live versions are dope as hell.

THROWBACK: Kanye West – Gone (Feat. Consequence & GLC)

Aaaaaah back when Kanye’s bars were more than bleach on T-shirts. Don’t get me wrong, The Life of Pablo is a great album, but the bar game was nowhere near the beauty of Late Registration. To some, this is their favorite Kanye album, and off this song I can understand why that might be the case. The beat is dope and beautiful and flows are soothing and natural. This song bring good, and engaging memories.

On a College Budget EP is Finally Here!

Yesterday, TGPTV came back from its long hiatus and announced it is changing its brand and will now be called “New Vibes Productions” and “New Vibes TV”. In celebration of

the return and new announcement, head honcho JoeBoss has decided to release is long awaited EP “On a College Budget EP”. OCBEP is a reflective look at a struggling life of a college student and the work, fun and woman he runs into. The tape comes with an official breakdown, track by track, why they are in the order they’re in, and what each song means to the artist in context of the EP. Listen to long overdue “On a College budget EP”  below as well as the descriptions and let us know what you think of the 7- track project. Was it worth the wait? Is it bump in the whip worthy? Let us know what you think!

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JoeBoss plans to drop second single soon!

Its been a while since we’ve heard from TGP or relating artist. So to fill in the gap, recording artist Joeboss plans to drop his second single “Hundreds” later today regardless of the finished process. It is set to guest star HoBoy and is going to be Joeboss’s leading banger! Stay tuned for its release and more updates from TGP! In the meantime check out his critically acclaimed first single right here!

Kwanti Greyt Drops His Newest Mixtape that definently worth a listen

I say it’s lyrically clever. The verse are smart and crazy sometimes. #IStillClapLikeThis will give an official review later on, but for now check it out yourself! and Let us know what you think of the new official Kwanti Greyt Mixtape with Joeboss features!

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JoeBoss’s First Official Single snippet “Emotions” Prod. By Jay Stars

Looks like everyone is getting into rap these days, so why shouldn’t we? We promise not to take it too serious and just be us when we rap. So here’s joeboss’s official first single snippet of “Emotions Feat. Delon” off his upcoming first mixtape “#FirstTimeForEverything”

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