Today’s the big day! Happy Valentine’s day! Run!

Everyone keeps saying that valentine’s day ain’t a big and you know what? They are Continue reading “Today’s the big day! Happy Valentine’s day! Run!”


Happy Valentine’s Day! Now Here’s The Problem With Relationship…

Happy Valentine’s Day From Tryna Get Paid Productions! And to celebrate the holiday of love, TGP promotes it’s hilrious comentary video “The Problem With Relationships” starring Joe Rene! If you didn’t already know, get your ass hip now! Like comment and subscribe!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Get them the right present!

Happy Vday from TGP! On top of #TGPoetry, this year, if you have a special someone, make sure you get them the right present! Don’t freaking screw it up and get a freakin giftcard man! Watch the hit TGP video to understand! and subscribe to TGP’s channel for more hilarious videos!!


This is why you subscribe to #TGP and go straight to the source! A lot has happened in the last two weeks serrounding the #TGP movement and unfortunately we were unable to post the vital new info on our blog (Which btw, is getting ready for a major overall in the next couple of weeks). Some of this includ the new skit “College Budget” and the all new TGP poem “Hurt” both including @_Joeboss and @JrMontana_8. Also if you follow @TrynaGetPaidTv or even @_Joeboss on  instagram, the official 10 second promo for the short film ‘JOHNNY CHASE: CLOSURE” was release and available for public viewing! And let me tell you, it’s the bomb! Get hip to them  now and Subscribe to TrynaGetPaidTv so that you’re never on great entertainment!


VIDEO PREMIERE! #TGPoetry Presents “When She Left”!!!

In his new poem, Delon explores the issues of refusing to admit love and the consequence it has on relationships in the series premier of TGPoetry and the Reinvented Tryna Get Paid Productions!
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Where The *@^% is #PayAttention and #SocialUpdates?!?

SORRY GUYS! and Girls! we’ve been gones for about two weeks already and we feel awful we left ya’ll without warning. It’s just we had to work on a little re-adjusting, seeing our last three video barely hit 50. So now we gotta get back and work on our quality and more funny skits. We promise to be back by next week. But watch out for our channel just in case we might drop a special video either today or the rest of the week. If yall got any request or even any questions hit us up for answers and more! Go ahead, we’d like to get more email than just spam!  In the meantime, look back at these video from the past few weeks!

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#PayAttention- Worst Pickup Lines

#SocialUpdates- Kanye West and more!

#PayAttention- worst ways to break up

#PayAttention- Worst Pick-Up Lines Pt. 1 and Last Week’s #SocialUpdates


Pickups lines suck. They really don’t work, yet guys keep trying to find new ones. So to make it easier for us guy (us included) we went through all of them to find the best ones and put them in a list… we ended up with something completely different…
Let us know some of YOUR cheesiest pickup lines!
Season 1, episode 5


All Week in Pop culture:
– Kanye West has not one but TWO sextapes out right now with even a Kim Kardashian lookalike
– MySpace is trying to make a comeback with new designs and more music oriented
-Nicki Minaj is about to get her own reality series on E! !
– Congradualtions to Katy Perry on being Billboards 2012 women of the year!
– Refs are back in the NFL
– Cruel summer comes in second!
-New Music and more!

Signs that your Man is cheating on you!

We’re Back people! our bad for not saying a word for almost two weeks! kinda got lost in the love of summer! But we came back strong with a funny new informal video to help our ever loving and supportive ladies out there! Don’t Forget to Like,Comment, and Subscribe!

A lot of men just aren’t loyal. And it leaves women heartbroken and then post “I’ll never love again”- google lookup type tweets all over your timeline. So in order for them to avoid getting heartbroken again, we’ll show em the signs a men gives when he cheats! If you know more signs let us know! New Video Every Tuesday! Like Comment and Subscribe!
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