Comedy/ Romantic Short Film
Directed by JoeBoss

When Brad finally sees his crush in public, he needs to build up the courage to talk to her. He needs help, and lucky for him , his guardian angel is right and ready to be his personal wingman!

Thank you to everyone who was apart of the film! Please

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New projects from NewVibesTV are coming real soon!



TrynaGetPaidTv has been on hiatus for quite some time now on all fronts.Many of our fans have been wondering where have we gone. Well, to put it simple, we’ve been trying to readjust and re brand ourselves. And after months of trying to come up with a better name and set up, we would like to present to you all our name brand.

nvp movie logo

We are now calling ourselves officially New Vibes Productions/ New Vibes Ent. Our twitter and instagram pages (@NewVibesProd) have already been adjusted and the website will soon update itself within the coming weeks. As for when you can you expect the return of our hit Youtube series “Sincerely JoeBoss” we are aiming for a mid july release. Stay tuned. And to reward you all for your VERY LONG patience, we are going to release a project that has LONG been overdue. This Sunday night, it is dropping, finally. Stayed tuned and follow the Vibe!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Now Here’s The Problem With Relationship…

Happy Valentine’s Day From Tryna Get Paid Productions! And to celebrate the holiday of love, TGP promotes it’s hilrious comentary video “The Problem With Relationships” starring Joe Rene! If you didn’t already know, get your ass hip now! Like comment and subscribe!


interrogation joe poster copy

Last week, TGP released their long anticipated short film online. The feature stares TrynaGetPaid productions regular Joe Rene and a series of new comers like Zaviea Gaynor and leading co-star Gabbi K. Check it out now and let us know what you think! Subcribe to TGP;’s blog and YouTube channel for the more hilarious and intense short films!

The movie’s description follows

“TGP returns with the aclaimed comedy thriller!

How crazy is your significant other?

When Craig wakes up to find himself kidnapped, he needs to figure why the hell he’s been taken and who decided to take him. Little did he know, that person was his girlfriend.

Special thanks To Koko and Kevin on production!
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New X-MEN: Days of Future Past Trailer! Now Things Are Getting Real!


Ever since Marvel dropped the freakin’ Avengers on our butts, movie studios have been trying to get their crap together and rack in their own superhero movie franchises. In a way that’s awesome for the comic book fans because now studios are taking their superhero and its source material more seriously. On the other hand, studios are rushing their ass off to rack in some of the big bucks, like the Batman Vs Superman Vs Wonder Woman Vs Dwayne The Lantern Johnson Vs Robin Vs Justice League Vs Whatever else we could stuff in the 2 hour movie. (Honestly I’ma see regardless.. it’s BATMAN VS SUPERMAN) And one of those prime examples is the new movie X-MEN: Days Of Future Past based on one of the coolest story lines in the same comic series. This movie really needs to succeed to kinda reestablish X-MEN’s comic book movie power, even though first class and the Wolverine were awesome. Check out the new trailer and what it might look like coming this may. Personally i’m freakin’ stoked and pumped for this team up movie with both X-men teams!

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WORLD PREMIERE!!! Johnny Chase Returns in an all new adventure!!!

He’s not a cop, he’s not a spy, and he’s definitely not FBI… but he is back!!
Johnny Chase Returns in an all new adventures! This time with friends!

TrynaGetPaidTv’s action hero “Johnny Chase” returns to TGP in a big way with the all new short action flick! This time Chase attempts to avenge the death of his old friend with the help of his mysterious partner “X”. This all new short is the start of TGP’s new initiative to push the character further. Don’t expect this to be the last of Johnny Chase any time soon! Special thanks to Scott Bort and Ashley Santiago for their involvment in TGP’s newest project!

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Where The Hell Is TGP… AGAIN???

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TGP apologizes for the lack of videos and posts we have dropped recently. But a special TGP project we are working on has drawn our attention and has had our focus for a while now. We have been caught up on working on the 10 minute short film this past month. But don’t worry, were not gone for long. TGP has already planned to release a thanksgiving special which we think is hilarious. And stay tuned for the announcement of the project, that is expected to drop in December! The announcent will come next thursday on thanksgiving, giving all of us something to be even MORE thankful about! But stay with us, as we continue to drop updates, photos and hilarious videos from TGP!

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Manning vs. Romo, Derrick Rose and bunch more!

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