On Rotation: 5/11/17 – Meek Mill, Kid Ink, and Rick Ross

New Vibes is starting to brand new weekly segment called “On Rotation”. Here we list three songs that have been on rotation throughout the week; One new song, one throwback and one personal favorite.

New: Meek Mill – Left Hollywood

Some might prefer his hit with Thugger “Backboard” more, but this is a true Meek Mill song. After the Ls from Drake and end to Meek and Nicki (Meeki?? Eww no) the MMG star has a lot to work for. And I truly think he’s hungry again. Keep the hits coming. And was that shots at Drake again???

Personal: Kid Ink – Bad lil Vibe

Are people still checking for Kid Ink? Regardless, Kid Ink dropped 7 series this past week (a mixtape? or EP?) and this is the one song I keep going back to. Granted the whole tape is fine, but to me this is just a standout track for real.

Throwback: Rick Ross Feat. Drake & Chrisette Michele – Aston Martin Music

This song is just so majestic and smooth. It’s not super old, but damn does it hold up. The elegance of Rick Ross tracks are one of a kind. It’s like trap music for 5 star hotels or fancy elevator music from the streets. These two rappers always make quality music together. I really wish they went through with that joint mixtape they had planned.




Comedy/ Romantic Short Film
Directed by JoeBoss

When Brad finally sees his crush in public, he needs to build up the courage to talk to her. He needs help, and lucky for him , his guardian angel is right and ready to be his personal wingman!

Thank you to everyone who was apart of the film! Please

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New projects from NewVibesTV are coming real soon!


TrynaGetPaidTv has been on hiatus for quite some time now on all fronts.Many of our fans have been wondering where have we gone. Well, to put it simple, we’ve been trying to readjust and re brand ourselves. And after months of trying to come up with a better name and set up, we would like to present to you all our name brand.

nvp movie logo

We are now calling ourselves officially New Vibes Productions/ New Vibes Ent. Our twitter and instagram pages (@NewVibesProd) have already been adjusted and the website will soon update itself within the coming weeks. As for when you can you expect the return of our hit Youtube series “Sincerely JoeBoss” we are aiming for a mid july release. Stay tuned. And to reward you all for your VERY LONG patience, we are going to release a project that has LONG been overdue. This Sunday night, it is dropping, finally. Stayed tuned and follow the Vibe!

WORLD PREMIERE!!! Johnny Chase Returns in an all new adventure!!!

He’s not a cop, he’s not a spy, and he’s definitely not FBI… but he is back!!
Johnny Chase Returns in an all new adventures! This time with friends!

TrynaGetPaidTv’s action hero “Johnny Chase” returns to TGP in a big way with the all new short action flick! This time Chase attempts to avenge the death of his old friend with the help of his mysterious partner “X”. This all new short is the start of TGP’s new initiative to push the character further. Don’t expect this to be the last of Johnny Chase any time soon! Special thanks to Scott Bort and Ashley Santiago for their involvment in TGP’s newest project!

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Got a Bad Present This Year?

“Got the worst present. Motherf*ckers never loved us!”

TGP has now made it possible for people to learn exactly what is a good and bad present with our new hilarious skit, “Bad Presents” starring Joe and Sam Rene. Check it out and let us know in the comments what was the worst present YOU ever gotten? Like our facebook page as well for all new updates and more.


And stay tuned for the all new Johnny Chase Action movie “Johnny Chase: Closure”!!