Cast Members


006Joe Rene

Joe Rene is the lead Co-Founder to Tryna Get Paid Productions and was one of the orignal co-creators of what was once known as ” I Still Clap Like This” productions. He is the lead director and writer and has written and directed most of TGP skits. He aspires to become a working director and Actor someday. The man is also a supporting actor and stares in his own series “Social Updates” and “A little Advice”as well is their Lead Action star. Joe also co-stares with his brother in his series ” Pay Attention”.  Joe also likes to get his feet wet in music, working on his own work as well as getting involved with his fellow teammates projects including Sam and Delon Selon.

Delon Selon003

Delon is the poet is the group. Starting as supporting cast member, Delon developed his skills and became a vital cast member. Starring in some of our most hilarious skits, he has proven his value as a co-founder on the team. Delon has also to the lead in premiering TGP’s new segment ” TGP Poetry” or “TGPoetry” and works on his very own poetry blog, writing all his own poems. Delon is also getting involved in music. Being a college student like Joe, Delon has found new inspiration to drop a new mixtape set to drop in the fall.

004Sam Rene

Also known throughout the TGP company as our “secret weapon”. Sam is a hilarious and acclaimed comic who has been with TGP since the days of  “I Still Clap Like”. His incredible timing and delivery is what makes him their lead comic actor in the hit series “#PayAttention”.  He has much versatility and humor from within and helps every new TGP skit that drops shine. He also his found some success in the world of music where he has dropped several acclaimed mixtapes under his stage name “Kwanti” and continues to pursue his musical hobby.


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